Drinkaware Crew Scheme

The Drinkaware Crew scheme is aimed at keeping young people safe on their night out.

Drinkaware Crew are specially trained staff who work in bars and clubs to reduce drunken anti-social behaviour amongst 18 to 24 year olds and keep them safe.

Working in pairs, the club hosts will have a presence in the venue throughout the night, talking to customers at the start of the evening when a queue is forming, supporting customers who are vulnerable, maybe because of alcohol, and ensuring guests leave safely after the venue has closed.

Benefits of Drinkaware Crew

  • Contributes to smoother, more efficient running of venues in the night time economy
  • Positions venue as a responsible outlet with an active interest in customer care
  • Frees up managers and security staff to keep the venue operation running effectively
  • Training has been endorsed by British Institute of Inn keeping (BII) therefore providing venues with professional, industry recognised expertise
  • Recommended as best practice in the Government’s 2016 Modern Crime Prevention strategy
  • Positive in the eyes of licencing officers, police forces, crime prevention and community safety initiatives helping to build and strengthen local relationships.

Working with local partners

We've partnered with a range of local stakeholders including,  Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner Devon and Cornwall, Tony Hogg (PPC) and Gloucestershire (PCC) Martin Surl, South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner as well as regional Police forces and Councils (Cheltenham Safe, Cheltenham Borough Council, Exeter City Council, Torbay Council and Plymouth City Council).

We’re also continuing our work with Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Nottingham City Council and regional Police force.

This follows an initial pilot carried out in Nottingham in 2014 as part of our Drunken Nights Out campaign, developed to reduce sexual harassment and alcohol related harm in the night time economy.


All Drinkaware Crew receive training designed and delivered by BII accredited trainer, Peter Fulton Training Associates, with input from Hollaback’s Good Night Out campaign.

Training covers how to identify vulnerability and provide support as well as promoting a positive atmosphere and personal safety.

Drinkaware Crew uniforms and kit

Drinkaware Crew wear t-shirts and hoodies so they can be clearly identified by customers. Drinkaware Crew also carry a kit bag containing  water, tissues and sick bags to help them assist customers. 

Drinkaware Crew activity logs

Working across 10 venues between November 13th 2015 and July 4th 2016 our routinely collected Drinkaware Crew activity data shows us that over 1,800 females and 800 males were supported. During this time weekly activity reports recorded 1,542 cases of emotional support, 1,247 cases of physical support and 271 cases of providing support outside the venue to ensure people got home safely.

Interested in Drinkaware Crew? 

To find out more about how to implement the Drinkaware Crew scheme in your venue please contact: Email: drinkawarecrew@drinkaware.co.uk  

Phone: 020 7766 9900

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